What Our Customers Say

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Customer feedback is extremely valuable to us and  we carefully review all feedback when designing and refining services for the bank.

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Mortgage Services

"I was closing a mortgage refinance with the title company in Northbrook. The staff commented that Glenview State Bank closers were a pleasure to work with for closings; that they were always responsive and that the packages were wonderfully organized and easy to process when closing."



Commitment to Community

"Thank you for always focusing on taking good care of your customers and staff -- and especially during this terrible pandemic. I have been a customer for decades now and can't imagine banking anywhere else." (May 2020)
"I switched banks because I appreciate how involved GSB is in the community and how I see your name on everything and very much appreciate what the bank does for the community."


"You are "here, there and everywhere" for us. We are longstanding customers and brag on to our friends about how GSB is on the tech level with all the major banks but with the stable, longstanding staff of a community bank. Keep up your good work." (May 2020)

"It's good that as a small/modest sized bank, you embrace the newer/modern technologies (ApplePay, SecureLOCK Equip, MobileBanker, Zelle). It's also very good that when I do need to talk to someone the phone is answered by a live operator. "


Long-Time Customers 

"I started banking at GSB when I was 6 years old, or so my mom told me. I am now 64. Bank of America tries
to get me every so often, but I just tell them, I have been banking at GSB all my life, and I will never move. As far as I am concerned, GSB is the BEST! ----- That’s my bank!!! It’s the best! Congrats GSB!!"

Preventing Fraud

"My husband was a victim of identity theft. The recovery service offered by GSB was EXCEPTIONAL!!! The event was unnerving. The representative from Cyberscout led us through each step for recovery. What an amazing service you offer. Many thanks."

Answering the Phone

"Glenview State Bank is the absolute best. Truly a rare jewel in the business world. Real live people who are not only very nice but excellent at what they do. Thank you. I wish you all the best and hope you know how much you are appreciated. Thank you"

Personal Service

"Love GSB! I don't think people understand the personal service you get when dealing with a hometown bank! Do you think Chase would ever have done that for me??? NO! Thanks again and have a great week!"


"I love everything about GSB: people, location, mobile banking, shred days, advice, online transfers....thank you!"

Loan Services

"Dear Managers at GSB. Have been meaning to send
this email for few weeks now. I financed an auto loan with your bank through the Luxury Auto Exchange dealer in the Chicago area in May of 2013 and paid it
off two months or so ago. Everything, including
account set up, automatic payments and service,
were done seamlessly! The help over the phone with estimated pay-off amount worked great too. I wish every business worked so professionally, with such care, and minimum effort by the customer. Good luck to you, your bank employees and the business!
Warm regards"

Investment Services

"Bob (Rosin). Happy birthday. I am thankful for everything you are and everything you do. You straddle the line between investment advisor and friend with dignity of grace. You are truly a blessing in my life ... Have a wonderful birthday celebration."


Business Services

"As a Glenview small business owner and an emigrant I am blessed to be part of the Glenview State bank. With an outstanding customer service that spend time and resources to provide their customers with financial advice and services tailored to their needs, and never try to push me with banking services that I don't need. They have treated me as a human being, and not a number. They work to maintain the trust of their customer, they keep their funds safe from fraud and theft. Always focused on providing excellent customer service over obtaining a profit at all costs. I really recommend this Bank." (May 2020)