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Your Favorite Memories

"I remember being in the "new" main bank at 800 Waukegan Rd with my father. While waiting for him I read all the framed posters on the walls around the lobby. There was one that was a candle with an old man's hand reaching for it. It said, "A young man once called upon an old farmer to ask him how it was that he had become rich.“It’s a long story,” said the farmer. “and while I’m telling it, we may as well save the candle,” And he blew out the light.
“You need not tell the story.” Said the young man, “I see.”. Suddenly, everything my father had tried to teach me about being prudent with money made sense. For decades after that, every time I went into the bank and saw that hanging on the wall behind the tellers it made me think of my dad." (May 2021)

"The Glenview State Bank was, and continues to be, a major memory of growing up in Glenview.
My mom worked at the bank from the mid- fifties until she retired in the seventies. She loved working at the bank and the people who she worked with. Those people were like a second family to us . Through good times and bad, births and deaths, the employees of the Glenview State Bank were like aunts and uncles to me . When the bank was on Glenview road, I'd sometimes stop there after school ( OLPH ) on days the bank closed early ( Wednesday, I believe ). When I walked into that building, I immediately felt like I was among friends .The feeling was the same when they moved to Waukegan rd, as well. In later years , my mom was in charge of the safety deposit vault. She knew the name of every person who came to her desk . At that time you could pick up household light bulbs from her . There was a limit to how many bulbs a family could get each month but, Julie Mongan had her own rules so no one left without light bulbs :) . The most poignant memory of GSB came the day my mother died. I had been working in Hollywood for a couple of years and not sure of all of my mom's business/ banking affairs. We weren't rich so, I knew there wasn't a lot to deal with but, Reggie called and told me to come down. He walked me through everything and then said my mom had a safety deposit box that I should check. I knew she didn't have any jewels or stocks, etc. However, there might be insurance papers or titles to the house. So, I walked Into the vault my mom had entered thousands of times , got the box and, as I opened it, I saw a couple of legal papers but, under those documents, filling a majority of the box, were dozens of pictures, letters , and cards that I had given my mom , over the years she worked at Glenview State Bank. These were her " treasures " her " jewels ". The Glenview State Bank protected my mom after my dad's death and, throughout the decades, unbeknownst to me, was protecting those childhood " treasures " . I've read that the bank was in the process of changing hands. If, that is true, I hope the new owners read these memories because, in these memories, they will find the heart and soul of, not just the Glenview State Bank but, in truth, the very heart and soul of Glenview. I hope they protect this with the same vigilance that the Glenview State Bank protected my mom's  treasures" (Apr 2021)

"When we bought our house in Morton Grove in 1978, Glenview State Bank gave us a bridge loan even though we weren’t their customers. While it was arranged through our realtor, GSB made it possible for us to buy our house here with very little trouble before we sold our house in Chicago.. I will never forget that and we have been customers of GSB since shortly after that. I can’t say enough good things about the bank and hope that won’t be lost with the changes that are coming." (Feb 2021)

"I have been a life long customer of GSB for all but handful of years when I lived out of state. I came back to GSB on my return to Glenview because there is nothing better than the customer service given at a local, yet well-established and well-run institution. It is very nice seeing people at the bank that have worked with me throughout the years - keeping the same trusted employees for years speaks volumes - and it is nice being called by name when I see one of them. I am attaching pictures of a barrel bank that was always on my father's dresser when I was a kid - and I somehow ended up with it after my parents died. I am assuming he got it as some promotion in 1961 - but I remember loving to put coins into it! I'm not quite sure why I have hung onto it all of these years, but now I am happy I did, so that I can share it for the 100th anniversary!
(Jan 2021)

"I got a loan for my new camaro by myself in 1975 shortly before I was 18." (Jan 2021)

"We became a customer of GSB in 1973 when we moved to Glenview. Every interaction with GSB since then has been a favorite memory. All of the employees are kind and helpful and make one feel like a member of the GSB family. All good wishes for the next 100 years." (Jan 2021)

"Been banking with GSB for 45 years. Worked for Glenview Insurance Agency for 30 years on the 2nd floor at 800 Waukegan before retiring. Got to know and work with the Bank employees for that 30 years. Special, special folks. As far as a specific memory the one that pops into my mind is a picture that was on the wall behind the tellers and was right in the customer’s sight line. To the best of my recollection it was a picture of a candle and went something like this. A young man asked the older gentlemen how he gained his wealth. The older man says we don’t need to have the candle lit while I tell you. The young man comes back with “never mind I think I understand”. Congratulations GSB on your 100th!" (Jan 2021)

"Taking my twin sons to open their first checking accounts in 2015. Oh the excitement of getting their first debit card with their own name on it!" (Jan 2021)

"Taking my dad, when he was still alive, for his Saturday morning trip to the bank and visit with 'his' banker Tim Gaida in Arlington Heights." (Jan 2021)

"I remember getting my first checking account at 16 then my student loan for college. We moved away from the Glenview area years ago but I’m still a customer 44 years later. Thank you Glenview bank employees!" (Jan 2021)

"In 1952, I was a young lad of 10 and GSB was in its 31st year. My weekly visits to the two-story brick building on Glenview Rd. were twofold: to deposit a dollar or two from my newspaper route earnings and to obtain rolls of various coins to cull for my fledgling coin collection. My favorite, but least affordable, was the silver dollar. Yes, real silver dollars were still available then at face value in rolls of twenty! My small needs were of no consequence, but I cannot recall any instance of a teller being less than polite and respectful during those treasured visits. Still a GSB customer, I find nothing has changed in that regard!" (Jan 2021)

"Around 1959 and I was about 7 years old. Many times for birthdays, tooth fairyies and accomplishments I received cash. My parents said maybe.its time for a saving account. So we went in the bank and I got my first savings booklet. For me at 7, this was a big deal and the bank made me feel like I was a big deal. As you've said, always speaking to a human has kept that feeling going for nearly 70 years. Thank You." (Jan 2021)

"Glenview State bank has been my bank for my whole adult life. They are always so helpful with whatever I need, whether a loan, money for Christmas gifts, quarters for laundry or just a smile during a visit" (Jan 2021)
"We opened our first GSB account in 1977 when we moved to Glenview. Our kids got their first savings accounts as babies, now their kids have GSB savings accounts! We found Jane Boiko at some point and she has always had time and assistance for us. The rest of the employees have also been friendly, kind, and helpful. This continues in covid times when I have issues to attend to and I always get amazing service when I call. Kudos to everyone at GSB!!!" (Jan 2021) 

"Getting lollipops from the drive through tellers! Getting my first debit card!" (Feb 2021)

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100 Year Anniversary logo.  Celebrating 100 Years ... Celebrating Safely

Your Favorite Memories

"In 1955, at age 8, my mother took me to the bank to open a savings account. I learned that saving for something I wanted was the way to get it. My saving passbook was something I honored, and I liked looking at the entries from each visit. I had the account for 40 years, and I still have my checking account with GSB. When the Glenview/Greenwood branch opened it was nice to have it a short walk or bike ride away. I have been please with the friendliness and personal service that I received. In 1985 my son played little league baseball on the GSB sponsored team and they won the championship that year."  (Apr 2021)

"My favorite memory of GSB is when I was a young single mother of three, I had a chance to buy my own little house in Glenview. I had been banking with GSB since I was a teenager in the 70's, and I went to GSB to apply for a mortgage. I was working three part time jobs at the time, and I was worried they would not be enough. I qualified for the mortgage, and bought my very first house on my own! Thanks GSB!"
(Feb 2021)

"As a kid I always loved when my mom had to stop at GSB while I was with her running errands because for me it only meant one thing: free lollipops! I don’t remember if she would inform the teller that I was with her or if they just always sent lollipops but I would always get excited when a brightly colored box would appear on our end of the tube with some cash for mom and a lollipop for me!" (Feb 2021)

"I don’t know the exact year, but I was among the first few to open a checking account at GSB at the small storefront/bank in downtown Northbrook. Terry Schneider (now Mikos) became a lifelong friend. GSB went on to be a huge assistant with a new company I started, mortgages on our house, & currently always there to assist with accounts for myself and my employer. Thanks so much for being here and for being personal. I’m grateful for your long term employees I’ve gotten to know, whose voices I recognize on the phone & who are always so helpful. I LOVE having a real person answer the phone who can many times answer whatever question immediately. " (Jan 2021)

"I have had an account at GSB for 40 years. I remember taking my son into the bank on Waukegan Road and he looked around with such amazement and said, “this looks like a real bank”. " (Jan 2021)

"Jesse White and the Tumblers at the Northbrook Branch Opening, wow was I glad to see that photo included within your memories. A great day and great memory on me working together with my dad as we handled the PR for that event! Dad has been a GSB customer since 1969!"  (Jan 2021)

"In the late 1950's, one of my hobbies was coin collecting. Not having a lot of money, I focused on pennies. Every Saturday, I'd walk down to the main (only?) GSB building on Glenview Road with my brother or another friend, and give the teller $5, so I could get 10 rolls of pennies to sort through, to find any rare ones. If the bank lobby wasn't too busy, I'd just sit in a corner and go through the pennies, then re-roll those I didn't want to keep and go up to a different teller and exchange these rolls for new ones. On a good day, I might repeat the process at least one more time. GSB was very tolerant of my hobby, and these are happy memories for me. Not surprisingly, I have been a loyal GSB customer for 60+ years."  (Jan 2021)

"I have banked with GSB since 1963. Thank you, it is still one of the most competent, friendly, accessible businesses that I know. And Rosemary Myra has helped us many times over he years, she is wonderful. Please never change." (Jan 2021)

"We have been banking with Glenview State Bank for over 40 years and we are very very happy with them. I remember one time I went there and I got a money order I brought the money order home and I realized the clerk at stamped it so I could not Write pay to the order of he had that blacked out.
I called the bank and explained what happened and the clerk was very nice about it and he told me to please bring the money order back and it will issue me a new one so I did. Not only did he issue me a new money order but he also gave me two tickets to the AMC theater which I thought was so customer satisfaction." (Jan 2021)

"I have been a customer for over twenty years. Even after moving to Lake County a while back, I have continued to work with GSB for my mortgage, savings and investment needs. Lastly, I can think of no other bank or typical business, that greets their callers as warmly with the oh so important human touch." (Jan 2021)

"My favorite memory was coming in and seeing the portraits on the wall with accompanying quotations, the montage of Native life (I hope I'm remembering correctly) on the wall as I headed downstairs, and the brief bio of Robert Kennicott as well; I was always fascinated by that!" (Jan 2021)

"While I have many memories, I have two favorite memories of GSB. I'm 57 and grew up in Glenview and now live in Wheeling. We always banked at GSB...and I still do to this day. My first favorite memory is when I was very young and my mom took me to the bank to open my first savings account. The banker we worked with said I needed to be able to sign the card in order to open an account. I surprised them, and was so proud that I was able to sign my name. My second favorite memory comes later, I think I was in my early thirties. I was trying to make a withdrawal or deposit (can't remember which), but my account was flagged because my signature didn't match the one on my account. No wonder....I had had the account since I was a little kid and my signature had changed over the years. Once we straightened out the "misunderstanding", the banker and I had a great laugh over it. Not a memory, per-se, but I cannot forget the kindness shown to me by GSB employees after my mom's passing. A few knew her and were very helpful in making sure all of her accounts were taken care of properly.  Congratulations on 100 years!" (Jan 2021)

"Our 23 year old daughter got her dream job offer in Atlanta. All of her bank accounts were at GSB. She moved quickly with nothing except the bed we bought and had sent to her apartment and whatever fit into her Hyundai Accent (bought with used-car loan through GSB). After sitting on the floor watching tv her first night she wasted no time getting to Ikea the next day. She selected and loaded a couch, bookshelf, tv stand, dresser and a chair on the cart (by herself). At check out she provided her credit card but since we failed to notify the company that she was moving and she had made several purchases, they grew concerned and had frozen her card. The contact phone number on the account was our home but we were out of town so they left a message to call them. Not knowing what was wrong with her credit card and knowing that she had enough money in her GSB account, she provided her debit card.Of course, never having made such a large purchase she was not aware of the limit on debit card purchases and was denied. Frantic, she calls the bank. The customer service person hears her story and explained the problem but agrees to raise her purchase limit for this one purchase. They hang up she runs the card again and the card is denied. Our daughter calls back now in big sobbing tears and a huge line forming behind her. She gets the same woman who looks at her transactions and says, "Honey, are you using the correct pin?" The light dawns. While she was at home looking for a job our daughter did our cooking and grocery shopping. Her Dad gave her his debit card and she used his pin. Which is the pin she was attempting to use at Ikea on HER debit card. Our daughter tells the woman that she now understands her mistake. The woman insists on staying on the phone while our daughter runs the transaction and enters the correct pin and completes the sale. Crisis averted. Six years later while our daughter has a bank account in Atlanta for business transactions as preferred by her employer, her primary bank is GSB. Over the years finance people have suggested that we move our accounts to other (bigger) banks for a variety of reasons. We refuse unconditionally. Then we tell this story. They are a bit stunned and concede that service is the hallmark of community banks. To a person they have added, but wow that is an unusual level of service! We agree."  (Jan 2021)


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Staff's Favorite Memories

"One of the best memories was at Golf Rd was when a business customer came thru our drive thru to make a deposit. It was all cash and he had a fairly big stack of money. When he went to place it in the deal drawer, a gust of wind blew all of the cash out of the drawer and flying into the parking lot. It went everywhere. Several tellers ran outside to try and chase all the money down. It took a little while. When they were convinced there was no more money to find they came back in the bank and proceeded to make his deposit. As it turned out, the money they found was more than he had actually listed on his deposit slip! Somehow they had managed to find more money than he thought he had! He was really happy that day!"

"There is no one memory for me - GSB was and continues to be present at my core. It was my job during college and turned into an 18 year career. The Jones Family and my co-workers taught me so much more than my various job roles. For that I am forever thankful and indebted. GSB is community banking at its finest. Congrats Paul and the entire GSB Team. Well done."  (May 2021)

"My favorite memory is how everyone pulled together to get all the original PPP loans done. People from all different areas pitched in to get the task done. Such teamwork!"

"Hands down it was when the kindergartners from OLPH came to tour the bank. I taught 2 of them in preschool and it was so fun to watch when they saw the big vault door of the safe deposit area. All eyes were huge!!"

"My favorite memory of GSB is after I helped a woman with her mortgage, she made a special point to send me a thank you card for all my help.
I’ve been working in the mortgage industry for years and I always try to go above and beyond for my customers, but I had never been sent a thank you card (an email, sure, but not a card!). It goes to show the relationship GSB fosters with our customers, keep on providing good customer service for years and the customers will notice it and react in kind!"

"I have been working for GSB since 2017 and have a lot of memories. My all time favorite one is when my co-workers had a surprise baby shower for me. Great company and great people to work with"

I was the first Easter Bunny for the bank which started the Santa visit and Halloween.  I rented the costume myself my Mother and Great Aunt were in the lobby and acted like I was getting my PHD telling customers (my daughter is the bunny!) 

One of my very favorites was the “competitive” Softball Games – Customer Contact vs. Operations – The verbal “volleyball” was always a BLAST!! The other was the annual employee/family parties. Oh and of course working for and alongside my sister for 18 of her I believe it’s 48 years now!!!!

The employee softball games at Thillens.  So fun!!

My fondest memory at GSB will always be the family feeling and the sharing and the holidays, and the occasions of food and laughter. I have worked at other banks and at no time was there the feeling you were a true part of a bank where everyone knows your name. It is not just a paycheck. There is the act of a good job and accomplishment where when you lay your head down at night, sleep is not disturbed by regret. I believe that our bank more importantly allows us to be the best we can be as individuals at work and at home. Thank you GSB for making dreams come true.

ONE of my favorite memories was the first year I was here for the daffodils. I just thought it was breathtaking the first time, and a lovely tradition we all enjoyed every year.

Marching in the Glenview 4th of  July parade with other GSBers.

Walking into Kohl Children's Museum and proudly seeing my bank's ATM for kids.


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