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We're grateful for the comments we receive. Customer feedback is extremely valuable to us and we carefully review all feedback when designing and refining services for the bank.

If you have some thoughts you'd like to share, please use this online survey. You may also phone us at 847-729-1900....we'll personally answer your calls 66 hours each week.

Some recent comments...

I started banking at Glenview State Bank when I was probably 6 years old. I had a savings account. Two years ago, one of my credit cards was bought out by Bank of America, which happens to be in Carillon Square, which is walking distance from my front door. I went there to deal with an issue with the card, and while I was there, they tried to get me to open a checking account (a very hard sell). I told them that I have been banking at Glenview State Bank for, at that time, 54 years and have never had an issue, like the one I am having now with BOA bank. Community banks know who you are and ask how you are, and laugh with you when you tell them that you are cashing another check because you didn't win money at bingo at St. Catherine's last night. Thank you for being my community bank. (April 2017)

"Bob - Thanks for being the most experienced, knowledgeable, competent and caring financial adviser one could possibly want. You've gotten me through a tumultuous first year of retirement with flying colors. Your teaching and support have been invaluable. Your availability is unequaled anywhere! Take a bow, and Happy New Year to you and your family!" (December 2016)

"Signed up for SecurLOCK Equip a couple of weeks ago and have been very pleased. Actually experienced it in action when I spent a day on line purchasing multiple gifts and they did their job cutting off usage until I cleared up the confusion. Their Customer Service rep was extremely helpful and I was back spending money in no time! Also a great way to keep track of spending. Great app!"  (December 2016)

"Glenview State Bank. They're incredible. Small bank personality with big bank perks. They're so amazing I kept them even when I moved to Florida. They also have a branch in Mount Prospect and we can use ATMs all over (list is online) with no fees." (November 2016)

Dear Mr. Jones,

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we were with Glenview State Bank during the purchase of our first home. A few days prior to the closing, Deanna DePhillips came into the bank on her day off to print an extra set of the disclosure forms for us. (We received a copy later that same day in the mail, but on that particular morning, we were feeling a bit apprehensive about not having them yet.) We were not expecting Deanna to do such a thing, but we truly appreciate her willingness to serve our needs in such a manner. I'd also like to recognize Carol Wamboldt for contacting Deanna when I expressed our concern. Both Carol and Deanna put my mind at ease, and they made sure I had what I needed before I left the bank that day. Their actions are a testament to the service we experienced at GSB throughout the home-buying process. As first-time home buyers, we weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into, but GSB guided us through the process every step of the way—thanks to the help of our loan officer, Timothy Gaida. Tim made sure we understood every phase of the process, and I can't imagine buying a home without his help and guidance. He was proof that we made the right decision in choosing Glenview State Bank (a decision our attorney was pleased with as well, having dealt with GSB in the past and having nothing but good things to say). In any case, I just thought these people deserved some recognition for their hard work. They surpassed our expectations of GSB, and we are extremely grateful." (November 2016)

"Bob (Rosin). Happy birthday. I am thankful for everything you are and everything you do. You straddle the line between investment advisor and friend with dignity of grace. You are truly a blessing in my life ... Have a wonderful birthday celebration." (Oct. 2016)

"Debbie - Thank you so much for the quick response time in getting my account whole again. I love Glenview State Bank! So appreciate your help. Great service!!!" (June 2016)

"Good Morning. I was one of the many cars in line Saturday to utilize the availability of the shred event at the GSB on Chestnut. Just wanted to compliment the staff, once again, for a job well done under 'extreme' conditions'. Not ideal by any means but they were in good spirits, ready, willing & able to take our many bags/boxes of documents to shred and hide them somewhere for the next available date the shredding truck is working, this, no doubt, will end up taking staff away from their regular weekly jobs. But each of us was met by a smiling face ready to accept & help. Hats off to the GSB staff once again. This is why, while I have just moved to Racine, WI, I will continue to bank at GSB! "(June 2016)

  "I was closing a mortgage refinance with the title company in Northbrook. The staff commented that Glenview State Bank closers were a pleasure to work with for closings; that they were always responsive and that the packages were wonderfully organized and easy to process when closing." (April 2016)

"I wanted to let you know that your branch has been supporting our family and my special needs son for many years now. They have been a key component in his success with learning money management. We have partnered with them to grow his abilities to not only endorse and cash checks, but also to manage savings accounts, a checking account, opening a credit card account, driving through the teller window and the new teller kiosk. The confidence he feels with his abilities has helped him to start his own business. Our bank is a place where everybody knows his name and personalization of service is cornerstone in their philosophy. They have told me that my son, despite his disability knows more about banking then many young adults. It was with their partnership that he has acquired these very important life skills We are grateful" (April 2016)

"So happy to finally be back with Glenview State Bank. Goodbye large banks. We are absolutely thrilled to be back. We only left because of an out of state move.. but we took you guys with us for as long as we could, lol. Your customer service is beyond amazing and exactly the reason we are back and will never leave again."  (January 2016)

"I can't say enough how much I love GSB. I tell everyone. You are doing everything right, in my opinion. From real people answering the phone to the excellent customer service I receive. I needed to refinance a loan, and Tousif Tabassum not only reminded me (quite a few times) that I needed to do it soon, but kept on me until I did it! It was a stressful time for me, and Tousif went above and beyond to help me! It's a great bank. Many other banks and establishments could learn a lot from you. Please keep it up!"  (January 2016)

" Thanks David for the Newsletter! I just wanted to share that despite living in the city, I will always have an account with Glenview State Bank. You did not add ridiculous fees when I was abroad, you support my former grade school (OLPH), and you support my former high school (Regina Dominican). Thank you for caring about your community." (December 2015)

"Your bank is fabulous and I speak with at least 40 years experience - congratulations on keeping up with (and often surpassing) the times. You are the Nordstom's in banking when it comes to service. Thank you so much." (December 2015)

"As always, I enjoy your newsletter and am interested in seeing the upcoming changes. I wanted to comment on one point you mentioned - that of having live people answering the phone. I just spent 15 minutes with xxxxx on hold, running through the automated menu and eventually getting a so-called customer service rep who was unable to help me straighten out a mistake they made in my bill. Now I am going over to their actual facility to try again, this time with a real person. Do you think I feel a bit frustrated and angry? How much time have I wasted on this? So don't ever change the live person on the phone policy. Put that in your ad in a 36 point font. Let people know that there is still one business that values the customer's time and wants to be helpful. Just some thoughts from a customer who has always been satisfied with GSB." (December 2015)

"I have been so pleased with our experience at this bank! There is a friendly and welcoming feeling you get with banking at a community bank over a mega bank chain, and this location does not disappoint! The staff have been working together for a long time, and you can sense a genuine warmth in their customer service, as well as a strong sense of teamwork. They have really helped and guided me with all of the different types of savings options they provide, and even follow up to make sure all is well. They are great with my kids too, and have a kids savings club and treasure chest the kids can pick a toy from when they come in to check on their account. Cookies and coffee, a coin counter, and user-friendly online banking are just a small sampling of the many positives of this bank. It is so refreshing to go to a bank that has the warm community feeling that is too absent in the large international banks that populate the landscape today. I highly recommend them!" (December 2015 on Yelp re: our Mount Prospect Location)

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