Stay Connected ... and Contactless, with Teleservicing at GSB.

Are you looking for a partner that still believes in personal service? 

Talk live on the phone with professionals.  THAT’S A BETTER WAY.


(847) 729-1900 ........ 55 Hours per Week ....... Real People. Live Voices.


You don’t have to settle for automated answering systems that can’t tell you much. Your time is valuable to you and to us. That’s why our Teleservicing Department is open 55 hours a week , and if that’s not enough, our online banking and mobile banking app are ready to serve you at any time.  

Since 1921, we’ve worked to create a bank that revolves around you and your needs. 

That’s a better way.

Telephone Headset. Real people.  Live voices.  847-729-1900

"I love banking with GSB & the main reason is because of a live person answering the phones. I have been a customer since 1989 & appreciate this service. I am not opposed to the “push button thing” but I like that I will get a real person when I call my bank."