Meet the Team - Retail Bankers

On this page you will find many of our retail banking staff and branch managers. Please feel free to reach out to them directly. Scroll over the pictures to see names, contact information and the depth of experience our bank has to offer.

GSB Employee Rose Myra

Vice President
Main Bank

(847) 832-0804
@GSB since 1976

NMLS# 439901

GSB Employee Carol Limper

Vice President
Main Bank

(847) 832-0823
@GSB since 1999

NMLS# 439909

GSB Employee Danka tasiopolous

Vice President
Main Bank

(847) 832-0762
@GSB since 1997

NMLS# 439907

GSB Employee  Tim Gaida

Vice President
Manager of Chestnut Branch

(847) 832-0826
@GSB since 2000

NMLS# 439898

GSB Employee  Jane Boiko

Vice President
Manager of Northbrook Branch

(847) 832-0816
@GSB since 1999

NMLS# 439896

GSB Employee Kim Schaffner

Vice President
Manager of Golf Rd. Branch

(847) 832-0830
@GSB since 1993

NMLS# 439904

GSB Employee Tousif tabassum

Vice President
Manager of Greenwood Branch

(847) 832-0360
@GSB since 1996

NMLS# 439906

GSB Employee  Ula Lenart
Ula Lenart
Retail Banking Officer
Manager of Northfield Branch
(847) 832-0868
@GSB since 1999