Meet the Team

Our customers interact with the bank in a variety of ways. On this page you will find a group of people who manage the efforts of those interaction points. Please feel free to reach out to them directly to share your experiences, express your concerns, or ask questions. Scroll over the pictures to see names, contact information and the depth of experience our bank has to offer.

Picture of David Kreiman

Exec. VP - Director of Marketing

(847) 832-0344
@GSB since 1992

Picture of Ilene Eckert

Ilene Eckert

VP - Auto Lending

(847) 832-0185
@GSB since 1993

Picture of Sue Schroll

Sr. VP - Electronic Banking

(847) 832-0320
@GSB since 1981

Picture of Bill Campbell

William Campbell

Sr. Exec VP - Retail Banking

(847) 832-0322
@GSB since 1982

Picture of Marimel Lim

Sr. VP - Retail Banking Manager

(847) 832-0815
@GSB since 2014

NMLS# 725874

Picture of Jeanne Lewis

VP - Teleservicing 

(847) 832-0155
@GSB since 1978

Picture of Paul Jones

President & CEO

(847) 832-0120
@GSB since 1973