Meet the Team - Commercial

On this page you will find extraordinarily knowledgeable and experienced commercial bankers. Please feel free to reach out to them directly. Scroll over the pictures to see names, contact information and the depth of experience our bank has to offer.

Picture of Tom O Grady
Thomas O'Grady

Sr. Exec. VP - Commercial Banking

(847) 832-0489
@GSB since 2009

Picture of Maral Poladian
Maral Poladian

VP - Business & Professional Banking

(847) 832-0329
@GSB since 1995

Picture of Sam Prada

Sam Prada

Asst. VP - Cash Management Officer

(847) 832-0980
@GSB since 1994

Picture of Brett Denker
Brett Denker

Sr. VP - Commercial Loans

(847) 832-0324
@GSB since 2010

Picture of Peggy Higgins

Peggy Higgins

VP - Business & Professional Banking

(847) 832-0315
@GSB since 2007

Picture of John Tofano
John Tofano

Exec. VP - Commercial Loans

(847) 832-0116
@GSB since 2010

Picture of dennis Oster
Dennis Oster

Sr. VP - Commercial Loans

(847) 832-0369
@GSB since 2002

Picture of Silva Shamoon
Silva Shamoon

Commercial Administrative Officer

(847) 832-0179
@GSB since 1997