Gift Cards

*GSB currently does not sell gift cards at our branches.

Visa® Gift Cards in amounts up to $750.

Visa Gift Cards may be used online and anywhere worldwide that accepts the Visa Debit card.
The service fee is $3.95 per card. Gift cards may be purchased at all branch teller lines during lobby hours.

Visa® Gift Card FAQs 

What are Visa Gift Cards? 

Visa Gift Cards are payment cards that are available in dollar amounts ranging from $10.00 to $750.00. They can be used worldwide anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The cards are non-reloadable so you can spend only the funds available. However, unlike a debit card, a checking account is not linked to the card.

What can Visa Gift Cards be used for? 

Visa Gift Cards can be purchased as gifts and can also be used for travel, spending, and budgeting. The cards cannot be used at ATMs or to obtain cash.

How do I activate my card? 

Your card will NOT be activated upon purchase. Call the Customer Service number provided on the back of the card to activate the card and obtain your PIN.

Can I use my Visa Gift Card at more than one merchant? 

Absolutely! As long as there are funds remaining on your card and the merchant accepts Visa debit cards.

Can I use the Visa Gift Card for online purchases? 

Yes! You can use the card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted—in stores and online. However, some online merchants may require Address Verification. This process requires that the billing address be “linked,” or assigned, to the card’s 16-digit account number. The cardholder must visit register the card online; this will assign an address to the card. Once the verification process is complete, any merchant requiring Address Verification will be able to link a Billing Address to the card’s 16-digit account number.

What happens if I spend all the funds on my Visa Gift Card? 

Your card will no longer be accepted as a valid form of payment. At this time, you can discard the card or keep it as a special reminder of the person who gave it to you.

Will I be assessed a fee for using my card at participating merchants? 

No, you will not be charged a fee for making a purchase. 

What happens if I lose my Visa Gift Card? 

If a card is lost, Customer Service will close the account and promptly issue a Replacement Card with the remaining balance. There is a $15.00 Replacement Card Fee for this service. To report a card lost or stolen, please call Customer Service toll-free at 1-866-208-3282. To ensure that we can identify your account should the card be lost or stolen, please register your card online.

Who do I contact with questions about my visa Gift Card? 

For card information, call Customer Service toll-free at 1-866-208-3282. 

Why do I need to register my Visa Gift Card? 

Registering your card allows customer service to locate your card account and send a Replacement Card to you in the event that your card is lost or stolen. Note: a $15.00 per-card Replacement Card Fee applies. Registering your card is easy—just go online and enter your name and address.