Breach Information

It has been reported in the news that a breach may have occurred at the Starwood unit of Marriott.
If you have used your Glenview State Bank debit card at one of these properties during the time period in which the company has reported unauthorized activity, you are most likely concerned and wondering what steps you should take to protect yourselves.

Below you will find some recommendations.

  • Check the website of the company which is reporting the potential breach (in this case, Marriott)
  • As we always recommend, make it a habit of checking your financial accounts daily so that you are able to identify unauthorized activity as soon as it happens.  By doing so, you have built-in liability protections through all of the major credit and debit card companies (Visa, Master Card, etc.)
  • We also recommend our customers download our free app, SecurLOCK Equip.  SecurLOCK Equip will allow you to manage your card preferences and receive alerts any time your Glenview State Bank card is used.  If you lose your card, you will also be able to disable that card right from your phone.  (see video below)
  • Review the identity theft resolution services you already receive for free as a GSB customer, and also consider the affordable credit monitoring services we offer through our partners at CyberScout.

So what happens now?

When a breach at a retailer occurs, we will eventually receive a list from MasterCard of any Glenview State Bank customer who used their card at the business in question during the reported breach period.
Depending on how many customers appear on that list, we will either:
1. Reach out to you personally to arrange for you to get a new card with a new number 
2. Reissue cards with new numbers automatically if the list is very large
If you have any additional questions, you may always contact our Teleservicing Center at 847-729-1900, 66 hours per week.