Most Commonly asked Questions 

Does Glenview State Bank participate in the Zelle Network?
Not yet, but we will.  We got "in line" very quickly to become a Zelle member bank, and now just have to wait our turn among thousands of other banks.
When do you expect GSB will be a Zelle member bank?
August 2019
Does that mean I can not send or receive money via Zelle until that time?
No.  You can download the Zelle App on your phone and register your Glenview State Bank debit card and start using Zelle right away.  The two limitations are:
  1. The other party must bank with a Zelle member bank
  2. You will be limited to sending $500 per week  (the weekly limit is reset every Saturday at Midnight, CST)
Once GSB is a Zelle member bank, will I still use the app?
No.  At that point, you will be able to use Zelle from inside our bank app, MOBILEBanker.
For more answers to commonly asked questions, you may refer to Zelle's website and their Frequently Asked Questions page.