SecurLOCK Equip

With SecurLOCK Equip, you are able to manage your debit card using your phone.

  • Want to get a text alert any time your card is used?  Done.
  • Want to block all usage because your card was lost or stolen?  Done.
  • Want to restore usage because you found your card?   Done.
  • Want to restrict use outside of the United States?   Done.
  • Want to restrict use from certain types of merchants?   Done.
  • Want to set spending limits?   Done. 
  • Want to restrict your card from being used for Internet purchases?   Done.

For more information on how SecurLOCK Equip works, click on the FAQ Button below

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"Signed up a couple of weeks ago and have been very pleased. Actually experienced it in action when I spent a day on line purchasing multiple gifts and they did their job cutting off usage until I cleared up the confusion. Their Customer Service rep was extremely helpful and I was back spending money in no time! Also a great way to keep track of spending. Great app!"


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