Stay Connected ... and Contactless, with PHONEBanker from GSB.

24/7 Automated Phone Banking (847) 724-1900

PHONEBanker offers 24-hour, 7-day a week access to your account information, providing GSB customers with almost as many account access features as its online counterpart, HOMEBanker. PHONEBanker is a convenient and secure way to conduct routine bank business. You can:

  • Check Balances
  • Transfer Funds, including making GSB loan payments
  • Verify the clearing of a specific check
  • Verify last 5 transactions (includes deposits, checks, debit card, ATM and other electronic transactions)
  • Receive information on interest paid year-to-date


Personal PHONEBanker Enrollment 

Business PHONEBanker Enrollment