Mortgage Loans

Why Finance with GSB?

In-House Servicing

If you have a question on your mortgage, the last thing you want is to chase down a customer service representative in another part of the world. When you have your mortgage at GSB, you are one phone number and one call away from getting your questions answered. 

Rates & Fees

Our goal is to not only provide the highest level of service, but to do so at highly competitive rates with reasonable and transparent fees. 

You can get a personalized rate quote by completing a handful of basic questions.  You can then click the "view details" link to see an estimate of fees.  Personalized Rate Quote and Fee Estimate

Experienced Lenders

Take a look at the years of experience our lenders have. This is important when treading through all of the nuances of financing or refinancing a home. GSB Mortgage Team

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Documentation Requirements

Reverse Mortgages

Through our partner at Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, Glenview State Bank can now assist customers with reverse mortgages.  For more information, contact Peter Dedes at 847-832-0814.