Meet the Team - Teleservicing

On this page you will find our Teleservicing team.  This group answers your calls, 66 hours per week. Please feel free to reach out to them directly. Scroll over the pictures to see names, contact information and how long they have been at GSB.
Picture of Abby Stottlemire
Abby Stottlemire
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0332
@GSB since 2004
Picture of Mickey Barg
Mickey Barg
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0378
@GSB since 2004
Picture of Vicki Wimmer
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0718
@GSB since 2014
Picture of Lois Bender
Lois Bender
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0375
@GSB since 2001
Picture of Stephan Melnyk
Stephan Melnyk
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0338
@GSB since 2014
Picture of Debbie Robbins
Debbie Robbins
Debit Card Coordinator
(847) 832-0115
@GSB since 1978
Picture of Mark Levant
Mark Levant
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0377
@GSB since 1998
Picture of Cathy Gaertner
Cathy Gaertner
Assistant Vice President

(847) 832-0371
@GSB since 1989
Picture of Sue Geel
Sue Geel
Teleservicing Rep

(847) 832-0355
@GSB since 2017
Picture of Jeanne Lewis
Jeanne Lewis
Vice President

(847) 832-0155
@GSB since 1978
Picture of Sue Schroll
Susan Schroll
Senior Vice President

(847) 832-0320
@GSB since 1981