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GSB Kids Club

We have added some fun for our younger customers.  Kids already love using PIGGYBanker, our free self-service coin counter located at every Glenview State Bank Branch.

To encourage our young savers ...

Save up at least $20 in coin, and each time you come in and use PIGGYBanker and deposit at least $20 into your GSB savings account, you'll get to pick a prize out of our treasure chest at any GSB location.

Don't have a savings account yet for your child?  

Bring in your child (and their social security card) and open up a Junior Life Savings account with at least $20 and get a special Glenview State Bank piggy bank. (while supplies last)
Then, each time your child comes in and uses PIGGYBanker to count coin they saved up, when they deposit that money, they'll get another trip to the GSB treasure chest!

Saving money is important, but we can try to make it fun as well at GSB!