International Travel

Traveling overseas? Here are some tips:

  1. Notify the bank issuing your ATM, Debit or Credit cards that you might be using your cards outside the U.S. They will want to know when and where the card(s) may be used. 

  2. Determine what currency is used and accepted in countries you plan to visit. At this time, the Euro is the currency used in 28 countries.

  3. We always suggest that travelers take enough Euros for the first one or two days of the trip until they can get to an ATM to withdraw more. We also suggest that you use all Euros (or exchange them there) and do not bring them back. Rates charged at machines in Europe are typically lower than the rate we charge to purchase Euros.

  4. GSB customers may purchase Euros during regular lobby hours at the main office, 800 Waukegan Rd in Glenview. Cost is based on the current day's exchange rate. Amounts in excess of $500 must be pre-ordered by calling 847-729-1900.  Foreign Currency Services at GSB

  5. Even with the international fees, we encourage customers to use their credit cards as much as possible. We also suggest making photocopies of their credit/debit cards, front and back. Keep that copy separate from your cards. In the event you lose your cards, you will have contact numbers and account numbers to refer to.

  6. Before using an ATM, make sure it displays at least one of the following brand marks: MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus. Insert your card and select a language. many ATMs offer a variety of languages, and English is always an option on MasterCard/Maestro.Cirrus machines.

  7. Funds may be withdrawn only from your checking account with available funds on deposit. Be aware of your daily withdrawal limits in U.S. equivalents.

  8. If you lose your GSB Debit/ATM card, call us at 847-729-1900 as soon as possible so we can cancel your card. Our SecureLOCK Equip app will allow you to turn your card off with your mobile device. If an ATM "eats" your card, contact the bank or whomever owns the ATM.

    *Currency conversion rates and ATM fees are determined by the owner of the ATM. In addition, GSB will charge a fee of $2.00 per international withdrawal and pass along the international transaction fee assessed by MasterCard of 1% of the transaction amount for either an ATM withdrawal or a purchase. GSB's fee and the amount of the MasterCard international fee will be itemized on your statement. The conversion rate and fee assessed by the ATM owner will be included in the amount of the settled transaction.

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