EMV Chip Card FAQ

If you don't find the answer to your Debit Card questions, our Teleservicing Department is available to answer your questions 66 hours per week by calling 847-729-1900.

1. What is an EMV Chip card?

Chip cards are similar to the card you currently have, but include an embedded microchip. The chip contains information that is encrypted, making it more difficult for the card to be counterfeited. Your card still contains a magnetic stripe on the back so that it will be accepted by merchants without the new chip-accepting terminals.

2. How is the transaction different?

Rather than swiping your card, you will insert your chip card into the terminal and leave it there until the screen advises you to remove your card.

3. Can I use my chip card anywhere?

Yes, and if the store you are at does not have a chip terminal, you will swipe your card using the magnetic strip. You can also use your chip card at ATMs as usual.

4. Is there any difference when using my card online or by phone?

No - they will work the exact same way they do today.

5. Is there a fee imposed for receiving a new chip card?

No - your chip card is issued to you at no cost.  There is a $5 replacement fee in the event you lose your card.

6. Does a chip card mean that my card can no longer be compromised?

While chip technology will dramatically reduce the chances of your card being involved in a breach situation, we still strongly recommend you always monitor your accounts regularly and immediately report any suspicious activity by calling us at 847-729-1900.

7. Can I use my chip card outside of the United States?

Yes, in fact chip cards make it easier for you to make purchases when traveling internationally. Chip cards are widely used in International markets and are accepted in more than 80 countries.

8. If I don't want a chip card, can I continue to use my old card?

No. Once you have been reissued a chip card, it cannot be converted back to a magnetic stripe only card.

9. If I lose my chip card, how long will it take to receive a new one?

We will either arrange for a replacement card to be mailed or you can get a new card on the spot during lobby hours at our Main Branch (800 Waukegan Rd in Glenview) or at our Mount Prospect Branch at 299 West Central Road. There is a $5 replacement fee.