Automobile Loans

Auto Lending Expertise and Competitive Rates

We have been financing vehicles for a very long time. The expertise of our lenders and our
operational staff help us make your loan experience seamless. A better way when it comes to financing your new or used vehicle! 

Rates and terms are based on the year of the vehicle. 

Existing auto loan customers have multiple choices for paying their loan. Payment Options

All GSB Auto Loans are Simple Interest Loans, which benefits customers who pay their loans on time or early.  Example:

An automobile loan that has a $15,000 principal balance and an annual 5% simple interest rate with a due date of May 1st.  Because simple interest is calculated on a daily basis, as an example, if you sent a $300 payment on May 1, then $238.36 goes toward principal. If you sent the same payment on April 20, then $258.91 goes toward principal. If you can pay early every month, your principal balance shrinks faster, and you pay the loan off sooner than the original estimate.

Conversely, if you pay the loan late, more of your payment goes toward interest than if you pay on time. 

A visit with a GSB Personal Banker will help you select the loan that's right for you, or call us at (847) 729-1900.

Trying to figure out whether to choose the rebate or low interest financing? Use our calculator to easily figure it out!

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