Stay Connected ... and Contactless, with OFFICEBanker from GSB.

Increase your efficiency with OFFICEBanker.

A valuable office asset, OFFICEBanker is our online Cash Management Tool designed for businesses that wish to keep their cash balances working at all times and appreciate the ability to handle financial transactions without a bank visit or outside assistance. eStatements are available.


  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Initiate ACH transactions 
  • Direct deposit payroll 
  • Make Federal and State tax payments
  • Concentrate cash from accounts at GSB and other institutions
  • QuickBooks® compatible 
  • Collect dues and fees electronically (*additional ACH Debit Application required) 


  • All transmissions are secure and verified by a bank issued confirmation receipt.
  • Pin and Token based security available
  • Different levels of access for employees 
  • Forms, documentation and staff training provided 

OFFICEBanker Usage Fees:

Wire Transfer Module: $20.00 per month
ACH Origination Module: $10.00 per month
Positive Pay Module: $75 per month, per account 
Security Token Fee: $5.00 per month, per token

OFFICEBanker Activity Fees:

$0.20 per ACH item initiated
$20.00 per each Domestic Wire initiated
$45.00 per each International Wire initiated
$30.00 per each Stop Payment initiated 
$0.65 per each bill payment initiated
$0.05 per each outstanding Positive Pay Issue item
$0.50 per each Positive Pay Exception item
$5.00 per each returned Positive Pay Exception item 

Enrollment and Terms & Conditions

ACH Debit Application