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Credit Freezes 

Credit freezes are available at no charge.  Information on how to place credit freezes with the three credit reporting agencies  (and how to manage and unfreeze your credit) can be found at the links below.  This information includes how to place a freeze for a minor or incapacitated adult.

Credit Freezes - Experian                    (888) 397-3742
Credit Freezes - Equifax                      (800) 685-1111 
Credit Freezes - Trans Union              (888) 909-8872

Free Annual Credit Reports                (877) 322-8228  (Weekly free reports thru April 2021)

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Sign up for E-Mail Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission advice if you've been hacked

Federal Trade Commission checklist if your information has been lost or exposed

Common Elderly Scams (info provided by Senior Living)

Please Remember:

Glenview State Bank will never ask that you verify any account information by phoning or emailing you. If you have any questions  or concerns, please call us at (847) 729-1900. Also, if you receive  an email purportedly from GSB that you feel is suspicious, please  FORWARD that email to to verify its authenticity.

"Dear Mr. Jones -  Yesterday two of your incredibly intelligent, kindly, energetic employees sure lit up my Christmas season. I don't know their names but they were working the teller stations at your Golf Road branch.I  had a certified check written on a credit union in Wilmington Delaware paying me for some furniture that I was selling on Craigs List. I went to the bank to cash it and asked one of the ladies if there was any way I could not get/keep the money. She informed me that if the check was fraudulent it would come back and I would be charged an extra $10 for a returned check. I asked how I could avoid that and by this time your other employee on duty got in on the conversation feeling she was witnessing a scam. The check included $1500 that I was to give the movers when they picked up the furniture. (Now I'm a money laundress.) One of the ladies looked up the cell phone number that was on my cell phone (which said: "Craigs List scam #") and was registered in Florida while the other lady called the credit union in Wilmington DL and was told it was fraudulent. I was so incensed that I wanted to write nasty things to the crooks, but your wise (and wonderful) employee told me not to do that as they had my address where they had mailed the check and heaven only knows what they might do. As she advised I wrote back that I was in a difficult situation and was so very sorry I could no longer sell the furniture and would be happy to send the check back. To which they responded that I should just cash it and send them the money. Needless to say, that did not happen. Upon returning home I called the police and an officer came to my house and took down all the information and pictures of the check and USPS mailer it came in. I later wrote to the crooks that the bank had said the check was fraudulent and gave it to the police. I didn't want them to believe I still had their bogus check. I haven't heard from them since.Please make sure your employees know how grateful I am for their help. You folks sure run one heck of a fantastic business. No wonder I've been banking with you for 57 years. Grateful." 

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