Business Checking

As your business grows, so do your banking needs. Glenview State Bank offers a selection of checking account options. Whatever the size of your business, there is sure to be an account to suit your needs.

Low-Volume Business Checking

Business Life Checking

Interest Bearing Business Checking

Business Analysis Checking

Account Description Perfect for businesses which do not involve a high number of transactions
Generous number of transactions and ability to offset fees with combined account balances
Available to not-for-profits and sole ownerships. Provides added benefit of interest on your balances
Receive an earnings allowance on funds available for services used each month
Transaction Limitations 150 Combined 300 Combined
$0.30 charge per check/debit/ACH/
deposited item
see below
Minimum Opening Deposit $100 $100 $100
see below
Minimum Balance Required/Fees Associated None
$6 monthly fee
$5,000 avg
$15 monthly fee if below
$7,500 average
$15 monthly
fee if below
see below
Interest No No Yes see below
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