Consumer Loans

Below you will find some loan options that GSB provides for financing automobiles, special events in your life or for just providing traditional overdraft protection on our GSB checking accounts.

Undecided which loan is best for you? Our calculators may provide assistance.

(If you do not wish to use the online applications, please visit any GSB branch.)

Loan Type Application(s) GSB Rates
Auto Loans
Loans for new or used automobiles are available at competitive rates. Application Rates
Paying Your Auto Loan

Glenview State Bank loan payments may be made through HOMEBankerSM
(if you have a GSB deposit account) or you may use one of the following methods:

  • Use your bank’s online bill pay system to schedule payments to your GSB loan.

  • Set up an ongoing, automatic payment each month by completing a "direct debit" authorization form. The form and complete instructions can be found at

  • Sending your payment through the United States Postal Service accompanied by the payment coupons you received.

  • For one time payments, we can arrange to take your payment by phone. To do so, you would call (847) 729-1900 and provide us with your checking account information. There is a $15 charge for this service.
Other Loans
Loans for other purposes include unsecured and loans secured by marketable securities or Certificates of Deposit. A visit with a GSB Personal Banker will help you select the loan that's right for you. Chek Creditsm Application Rates
Advantage Credit Line Application
Personal Loan Application