Business Plan Outline

A Business Plan is a written statement that includes the factual information you have gathered. It should be thorough, but concise and include the following:

  • Description of business
    1. Business name and address
    2. Principals, including percentage of ownership
    3. Legal structure and history
    4. Products and market (identify customers and competition)
  • Amount of funds requested
    1. Amount of money you would like to borrow
    2. Amount of money you are borrowing from others
    3. Amount of money you will inject without borrowing and the source of these funds
  • Breakdown on use of funds - Be as specific as possible
    1. Potential expenses (when available include written estimates from builders and suppliers)
    2. Timetable for achieving goals
  • Plan of repayment
    1. Length of repayment
    2. Source of funds for repayment
  • Loan Funds
    1. How will they benefit your company/business
  • Collateral
    1. What assets will be used to secure the loan?
    2. Appraised values
    3. What is the anticipated economic life of the asset?
    (A word about collateral: Loans are secured by assets pledged by a borrower. This may include business assets, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, or real estate. The value of collateral must be greater than the amount of the loan. The expected economic life of collateral will be considered. Formal appraisals may be required. Personal guarantees are required from all parties owning 20% or more of the business.)