At Glenview State Bank we take our responsibility to help you protect your identity very seriously. We are pleased to offer these valuable services to you and resident family members.

  • Prevention Services

    Learn about the FREE services we provide to help protect customers and the community.


    The possibility of identity theft should be taken seriously.

    Identity theft can occur when someone uses your name, Social Security number, credit card or bank account number without your authorization. With this information they can fraudulently open accounts, make purchases, empty your bank account and damage your credit. Prevention is the best defense. At GSB, we want to help our customers and the community protect against this risk.

    What GSB provides:

    • Shredding Days

      Stop by our next free shredding day to safely dispose of papers that include confidential numbers and personal information.

    • Fraud Information

      Up-to-date information on current scams, security tips and fraud alerts are always just a click away.»

    • And more!


    Call us to learn more (847) 729-1900

  • Monitoring Services

    Available to customers and non-customers at attractive pricing, these monitoring services help give you an early warning of suspicious credit and fraud activity.


    Take advantage of proactive identity monitoring and alerting tools.

    Identity Theft 911® comprehensive Fraud and Credit Monitoring Services go beyond credit monitoring alone to provide total identity management protection. Three levels of service are available to both customers and non-customers at attractive pricing.

    How to enroll:

    • Take advantage of a comprehensive identity management protection program today.

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    Call us to learn more (847) 729-1900

  • Resolution Services

    FREE to all personal checking account customers & available to businesses. Suspect your identity has been compromised?
    Fraud specialists are on standby and ready to assist you. Call us.


    Will you know what to do if your identity is stolen?

    A simple phone call will start you toward recovery. A dedicated, on-call fraud specialist will provide assistance to help restore your identity to pre-theft status - handling the entire notification and documentation process. Victims receive one year of free credit and fraud monitoring, plus follow-up.

    • Personal Checking Account Customers

      All Glenview State Bank personal checking account customers, and their resident family members, are automatically enrolled in this service for FREE. There are no forms to fill out.

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    • Businesses

      Provide this valuable benefit to your employees and their resident family members for a small fee. Contact us at (847) 729-1900 to get started.

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    Suspect your identity has been compromised?

    GSB customers can simply call (847) 729-1900 and ask to be connected to a fraud specialist from Identity Theft 911®.

    Call us to learn more (847) 729-1900

Questions? Visit any GSB branch, call 847-729-1900 or send an email.

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