ATM Debit Card Safety Tips

Protect your Debit / ATM card as if it were cash.

  • Select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with care and do not share it with anyone. Choose a combination that's easy to remember, but not one easily obtained by others i.e., your birth date, phone number or part of your address or Social Security number.
  • When entering a PIN or calling card number, position yourself to shield the keypad so others cannot observe your number.
  • Use common sense when using an ATM is an isolated area. Be aware of your surroundings and leave promptly after completing your transaction. Replace your ATM card and receipt in your wallet / purse when you are in a secure area, not at the ATM.
  • Report any ATM that is not operational. If your card is held in the machine, notify your financial institution immediately.
  • Report a lost / stolen Debit / ATM card immediately by calling
    (847) 729-1900. Even if you call after banking hours, there is a 24/7 option on the phone menu to cancel the card.
  • If you regularly use a machine and notice new attachments or instructions, notify the owner of the ATM immediately. Do not attempt a transaction if you see anything suspicious.
  • Do not attempt to use an ATM if you are at all uncomfortable about the location or persons in the area. If you have started a transaction, just press "cancel", retrieve your card and leave the area.
  • If using an ATM with a card-activated entry, make sure the door closes securely after you enter. Do not open the door for anyone who cannot activate it with their own card.